WPM Breadcrumbs plugin

Show visitors path to their current location.

Add echo do_shortcode('[wpm_breadcrumbs]'); anywhere in your theme files in the place you would like to display the breadcrumbs, or add the [wpm_breadcrumbs] shortcode in Elementor, Gutenberg, Oxygen, or any other page builder that you use.

It’s also possible to add some parameters like this:

[wpm_breadcrumbs delimiter=">" on_homepage="false" home_text="Start" exclude_on="83,4123"]

Available parameters are:

‘delimiter’ = character that will be dispersed between path elements to current location.

‘show_home’ = shows or hides the link to the home page (possible values are true | false).

‘on_homepage’ = shows or hides the breadcrumbs on the home page (possible values are true | false).

“home_text” = text that will be displayed for the link to the home page (ex. Home).

“exclude_on” = the posts or pages IDs separated by a comma where you don’t want the breadcrumbs to appear.