News Publisher Autopilot plugin

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About #

Using the latest WPM News Publisher Autopilot Plugin for WordPress you can have an automated, fully customised, News Website.

The simple use and reach features make the News API Plugin from WPMagic the perfect match if you like to have a website that will work on it’s own, posting the latest news from the chosen sources, countries or topics and driving organic traffic.The plugin set-up will take only a few minutes.

After WPM News Publisher Autopilot Plugin install you can associate the news sources with the posts categories. If you defined the News API about a topic, new sources will became available in the short time after plugin setup.The WPM News plugin will publish new content each hour and the website will be automatically populated with new content.

Check the News API plugin DEMO.

Install #


ou can purchase the plugin from our website then download and install it on your WordPress website.

To install the plugin you just need to put the plugin files into the wp-content/plugins directory. Once a plugin is installed, you may activate it or deactivate it from the Plugins menu in your WP administration.First click on “Add New” it the Plugins menu in your WP administration.

Click on “Upload Plugin”

Click on “Choose file” and select the file which you have downloaded from the store earlier.

Click “Install Now” and activate it.

You can find the WP News API plugin in the menu in your WP administration.

Settings #


After install and activation, you can find the WPM News API plugin in menu in your WP administration. Manage the plugin from the WPM News API plugin menu.

In order to fetch latest news from the News API website, you will need an account on the website. In your account you will find the API Key.

Copy the API Key and add it on the “View/Edit API Key” section in the WPM News API plugin “Settings” in your WP administration.

You will find the “API URL” into Docs. For example if you would like to get all news about a topic you will need to put into the “API URL” field

Click on “Save” button.

Now you can fetch some news and test if it’s working. Click on the “Fetch latest news” button in order to get the news into your WP website.

If everything is working right, you will see a list of news bellow the “Fetch latest news” button.

Before you publish the news on your WP News website, first you need to setup the News Categories/ Topics. To do that you will need to define the categories into the “Posts” menu in your WP administration.

After you defined the News categories, go back to WPM News API menu and click on the “Configure Article Source as Post Category” section.

Configure the article source as a post category in two steps. In the ‘Configure Article Source as Post Category’ menu

1) Choose the default “News” category.

  • 2) Select the categories in which to publish each news source (News to Post Category Pairing).

That’s it!. You have succeeded in setting up the News Publisher Autopilot plugin.

Now you can click on the “Publish all” button to populate your website with the fetched news, or do nothing and the fetched news will be published on the next cron run.

You don’t need to do anything more, the WPM News API plugin will fetch and publish the news every hour. In order to receive updates for plugin, a valid license key need to be inserted into “License Key” section. Please populate this section with the license key received in your email after purchase.

Hint! As the WPM News API plugin fetches the news every hour, new news sources became available in the “Configure Article Source as Post Category”, so be sure you check this section periodically and pair the new fetched news sources with the appropriate categories.

Info! Not all the fetched news will be published. The WPM News API plugin will publish only the news that can be fetched without errors and contains a valid image. The other news (without a valid image) will still be created, but with a status “Pending” in Posts list.