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Deleting the old posts in WordPress is a time-consuming task.
With the Delete Old Posts Automatically plugin, you can make this task automatically.

Easily set the value for the number of days in the past or a specific date, and the plugin will automatically delete any posts published before that. You also have the option to filter the deleted posts, allowing you to keep important ones while skipping others.

Automate Your WordPress Post Deletion

Tired of manually purging outdated WordPress content? The Delete Old Posts Automatically plugin can streamline this process. Activate this tool to seamlessly discard posts based on age or a specified date.

Configure your preferences to determine a cutoff date or time period, and let the plugin work its magic, purging old posts without a second thought. Tailor your cleanup with filters to preserve essential content while eliminating the rest.

If you find your website cluttered with obsolete, low-quality, or under-performing posts, it’s time for a cleanup. The bulk removal of numerous blog entries can be daunting, but not with the right tool.

The Delete Old Posts Automatically plugin is your ally, rescuing your time and labor. Choose to bid farewell to old posts permanently or relegate them to the trash. Plus, any residual organic traffic won’t go to waste, as it’ll be smartly redirected to a related post with a 301 redirect, ensuring a seamless transition for your site visitors.

Ready to optimize your site? Download the plugin and install it on your WordPress site today.

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