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Deleting the old posts in WordPress is a time-consuming task.
With the Delete Old Posts Automatically plugin, you can make this task automatically.

Easily set the value for the number of days in the past or a specific date, and the plugin will automatically delete any posts published before that. You also have the option to filter the deleted posts, allowing you to keep important ones while skipping others.

If your website is filled with outdated posts that are irrelevant, of poor quality, or don’t generate traffic, it’s time to consider removing them. But with hundreds of blog posts, deleting them can be a time-consuming task. That’s where this plugin comes in.

Using this plugin, you can automatically delete your old posts, saving you time and effort. You can choose to permanently delete them or move them to the trash. Additionally, for any organic traffic that these posts still get, it will be automatically redirected to the best matching related post, with a 301 code.

Download the plugin and install it on your WordPress site, or set up a new WordPress instance for a live test.

Find out more about automatic post deletion in WordPress.

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