WPM Autopilot News Publisher

News Publisher Autopilot Plugin

News Website on Autopilot in just a couple of minutes.
Using the 
News Publisher Autopilot Plugin for WordPress, you can make a fully customized News Website that will work on Autopilot in just a couple of minutes. It’s using the newsapi.org API to fetch the News from more than 30 000 News Sources.

The simple use and reach features make the WPM News Publisher Autopilot Plugin the perfect match for a News Website that will work on its own, posting the Latest News from the chosen sources, countries, or topics and driving organic traffic.

The News Publisher Autopilot Plugin is the only News Plugin that will keep your website safe from possible Legal charges, by publishing only a summary of the News Text and displaying the images directly from the source. By keeping the News images on the source, it will not only keep your website away from possible charges, but it will also keep your News Website clean and light by not overloading your website storage.

For the News Publisher Autopilot Plugin to work, you will need to register for an API Key to the newsapi.org. You can get an API Key free of charge when you register for a Developer account (attribution required). WPMagic is not associated in any way with newsapi.org.

The plugin set-up is very simple. Fully functional autopilot News Website in just a couple of minutes. No long forms to complete, no complicated menus. Just a few clicks and ready (see documentation).

After News Publisher Autopilot Plugin installs, you can associate the news sources with the posts categories. If you defined the News API about a topic, new sources will become available in a short time after plugin setup. The News Publisher Autopilot Plugin will publish new content each hour and the website will be automatically populated with new content.